Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Little Boy CG character

During my senior year at Cal Arts I took my first CG modeling class and this was my final character that I created for the semester. It was through that class where I began understanding the level of difficulty in CG modeling and the tedious process. But through that class I developed a fascination with MAYA and its seemingly endless capabilities that I want to learn. Today I decided to re-visit that character and fix things on him and add hair to his model. I fixed the lips and actually bridged the open gap between the upper and lower lip so that the character can actually shut his mouth without showing his teeth. I fixed his occipital portion of his head and rounded it a bit more. The original character took me about 3 days to finish. He was modeled with Polygons and his hair was created with Maya's hair dynamics. His teeth and tongue are also fully models which I will show on a later post. For now, enjoy what I have.
Made using Maya 6.0 and Maya 8.0. Polygon modeling with Dynamic hair.
Four Panel view. (The hair is different in this one. I'm keeping the orange)

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