Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Cowboy Kitt and Giddy-up Cow Dog

Today I was substitute teaching for a sixth grade class at Margarita Middle School and the kids in my class caught wind that I draw and that I use to work for Disney designing characters for their games. To make a long story short, the kids all started asking me to draw things for them. One little boy asked me if I could draw him a "Cowboy Kitty Cat" and I told him I would do it, but he would have to pick it up during lunch. This is the quick drawing that I came up with. I gave the little boy the original drawing; But not before I asked him to run it up to the office and Xerox me a copy of it. Here is the digital outcome of the drawing I did. The coloring was done with Photoshop CS3. I figured I would give 3D a little rest and show you that I can still draw the old school way. Hopefully tomorrow I can upload another cute drawing idea that a student wanted me to draw for him. Enjoy.
Above Image: Cowboy Kitty AND Giddy-up Cowdog

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Kevin said...

Hi Sergio

I really like this character. The concept of a cowboy cat riding a dog is GREAT! Run with it.