Friday, April 25, 2008

The Diary of a Couch Potato : Meet the Fry Family

Here is another drawing that was inspired by a student in middle school that I was subbing for. He had asked for me to draw him a drawing of a couch potato, and from that drawing of a simple potato watching TV I came up with the idea of creating an entire couch potato family. That's where the Fry family comes in. There is Spud Fry (The Father), Frenchie Fry (The mother), Smally Fry or better known as Small Fry (the Baby brother), and Curly Fry (the older brother). They get around town either hopping since they don't have legs, or they ride on a couch-like wheelchair for paraplegics using a switch that they can control with their mouth and tongue. Well, enjoy the Fry family.
Meet the Fry Family : Spud Fry, Frenchie Fry, Small Fry, Curly Fry.
An image of their Couch-like wheelchair that the fry family uses to get around in.

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