Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Little Boy CG character

During my senior year at Cal Arts I took my first CG modeling class and this was my final character that I created for the semester. It was through that class where I began understanding the level of difficulty in CG modeling and the tedious process. But through that class I developed a fascination with MAYA and its seemingly endless capabilities that I want to learn. Today I decided to re-visit that character and fix things on him and add hair to his model. I fixed the lips and actually bridged the open gap between the upper and lower lip so that the character can actually shut his mouth without showing his teeth. I fixed his occipital portion of his head and rounded it a bit more. The original character took me about 3 days to finish. He was modeled with Polygons and his hair was created with Maya's hair dynamics. His teeth and tongue are also fully models which I will show on a later post. For now, enjoy what I have.
Made using Maya 6.0 and Maya 8.0. Polygon modeling with Dynamic hair.
Four Panel view. (The hair is different in this one. I'm keeping the orange)

Friday, April 25, 2008

The Diary of a Couch Potato : Meet the Fry Family

Here is another drawing that was inspired by a student in middle school that I was subbing for. He had asked for me to draw him a drawing of a couch potato, and from that drawing of a simple potato watching TV I came up with the idea of creating an entire couch potato family. That's where the Fry family comes in. There is Spud Fry (The Father), Frenchie Fry (The mother), Smally Fry or better known as Small Fry (the Baby brother), and Curly Fry (the older brother). They get around town either hopping since they don't have legs, or they ride on a couch-like wheelchair for paraplegics using a switch that they can control with their mouth and tongue. Well, enjoy the Fry family.
Meet the Fry Family : Spud Fry, Frenchie Fry, Small Fry, Curly Fry.
An image of their Couch-like wheelchair that the fry family uses to get around in.

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Cowboy Kitt and Giddy-up Cow Dog

Today I was substitute teaching for a sixth grade class at Margarita Middle School and the kids in my class caught wind that I draw and that I use to work for Disney designing characters for their games. To make a long story short, the kids all started asking me to draw things for them. One little boy asked me if I could draw him a "Cowboy Kitty Cat" and I told him I would do it, but he would have to pick it up during lunch. This is the quick drawing that I came up with. I gave the little boy the original drawing; But not before I asked him to run it up to the office and Xerox me a copy of it. Here is the digital outcome of the drawing I did. The coloring was done with Photoshop CS3. I figured I would give 3D a little rest and show you that I can still draw the old school way. Hopefully tomorrow I can upload another cute drawing idea that a student wanted me to draw for him. Enjoy.
Above Image: Cowboy Kitty AND Giddy-up Cowdog

Saturday, April 19, 2008


So here is an update of the last character I started modeling. I should be able to finish this guy tomorrow and start a whole new character this weekend. I'll try to rig this guy also and depending on time, may do a simple animation test with him. Enjoy,
Different Views: Top, Perspective, Front, Side
Character's Animatable topagraphy

Friday, April 11, 2008

Jiz Another Model

When I was a sophomore at Cal Arts I developed a film concept which was later called "Jiz one of them Days". I had developed a fun sperm character and thought it would be a cool idea to create a film around the idea of the dangers sperm face when leaving the body. I won't go to graphically in detail but it was a funny film which combined live action film editing with CG animation. I never finished the film because I didn't understand the concept of how to model or rig a character very well. So instead of building this detailed model that you see below, I decided to spend two weeks locked in my room learning the basics of 3D rigging, modeling, texture, lighting, and animation. After two weeks I came up with a very simple 3D film, about a minute and a half of animation that I did in my self teaching adventures of Maya. It's not the best film in the world but seeing as how I did it in about two weeks, I had no idea how Maya worked, and I taught myself how to use Maya with that film... I think I did a pretty damn good job.
Well seeing as how I never finished the film the way I wanted to finish it, I never showed my simple Maya project to anybody. Another friend at Cal Arts (Lissa) was on my case about wanting to see my sperm film and how I HAD to finish. Well I promised her that I would finish it, but I never did. So I decided today to start modeling my sperm character the way it was intended to look. Below you'll see what I have of the character so far. I think I'm really diggin' the fleshyness under the eyes. Below you'll find the drawings of the sperm character that I did at Cal Arts, and then below that you'll see the model I'm working on. It took me about an hour or two to get to the point that I'm at right now with the model using Maya 8, and doing a Polygonal modeling.
Above is the original drawing I came up for of the sperm character during my sophomore year at Cal Art.
The four pannel view of the CG model : Top, Perspective, Front, Side
The image above shows the topography of the face so far demonstrating the possibility for facial animation in the eyes and lids.
Comments and suggestions are happily accepted and appreciated. Enjoy.