Thursday, November 6, 2008

Eternal Re-Birth (Another One)

A few months ago someone who had stumbled on my blog contacted me asking me about my first "Eternal Re-Birth: Earth, Air, Fire, Water" drawing. She was interested in that drawing as a tattoo and had written to me asking me if, 1) She could use that image as a template for what she would like to have tattooed on herself, 2) If I would be willing to help her out with the design of the tattoo and add/modify things. I was very flattered that someone was even interested in that drawing and I gladly agreed to help her out. I know that it has been a very long time since my last drawing. I have been buried in my school work. For those of you who don't know, I am back at school yet again for, this time, my teaching credential. I have decided to slow down my pursuit of a career in Animation/Arts and try to become an Elementary School teacher and do freelance art and illustration on the side. It was a tough decision but I think ultimately it may be the right one. Time will tell. Anyway, here is the second version of my Eternal Re-Birth:Earth, Wind, Fire, Water drawing. I think this one looks a lot more cleaned up and I feel like it has a better flow to it. But it is not my job to critique my own art. That job is yours; So feel free to be as harsh as you want, or as kind as you want. Any feedback is greatly appreciated and welcome. Enjoy, Sincerely, Sergio Rios
P.S. since I really haven't posted anything in a really long time I suppose I can post another drawing that I did a few weeks ago but didn't feel inclined to post it on my blog. I'm not really a huge fan of this drawing that you see below. But I figure that I'll just post it now since I haven't put anything new up on my blog in about five or four months. So I'll include it with work I have done during this time of my absence. Enjoy,