Monday, March 31, 2008

Ursula Finished (Somewhat)

So here is the Ursula update. I actually finished modeling her on Saturday night, but I haven't had time to take rendered images of her and post them. Here they are now. This entire model took me about four full days on non stop work to finish. I really learned a lot about Maya just from doing this model. I think I'm becoming obsessed with the program... ha ha. I was going to model Ursula's hair in Maya, but as it turns out, her hair has to be done with Maya Dynamics which means I would have to create the hair on a separate cloned polygonal object layer copied from her scalp and using the Maya paint effects to paint the hair on and sculpt the hair curves that are created. Then I would have to render the hair as a separate layer from the body and compost the final rendered hair object , using Photoshop CS3, onto the final rendered body image of Ursula. I'm still going to do that but I wanted to move on to other models that I want to work on for my portfolio. I also still have to model the teeth and jewelry on Ursula; but I got the main part of the character here. I hope you like it. The lighting is done with one spot light which is the main light casting the shadows and two point lights. I turned on the ray tracing for the shadows and I think came out with a fairly decent render. I'm not really all that good with rendering or lighting, but given the fact that I'm still pretty new to Maya, I think I did a pretty decent and ambitious job here. But that's for you to decide and not me. My next project is going to be really fun actually. I next plan to try and recreate a realistic CG model of myself. I was going to do a full body model of me, but I decided to just do my face and maybe my torso. After that's done, then I may go in and do the legs... it depends on how much time I have. Anyway, here's is Ursula.
A four panel View of the model : Top, Perspective, Front, Profile
Rendered Images along side the image plane that I used
Demonstrating the model the with the wire-frame
showing to give an idea of how animatable she is
Two close up images showing the eyelash detail.
Thank you for stopping by and looking at my work. I would appreciate comments, tips, suggestion if you have any of them. I accept good and bad comments so don't censor yourself. Thank you. Enjoy.


Mike Caracappa said...

I'm proud of you man. She looks AWESOME.

I can't wait to see her with the finishing touches.

Mike :)

Nel said...

Ursula looks great! This is too cool! I've never tried doing anything close to this...but i'm sure it can be a lot of work, so I know when you finally get some results, it's a great feeling. :) Good job!

becky said...

I think you should have modeled the hair, would have looked better.

Sergio R. said...

Hey Becky, thank you. I actually did model the hair using the hair dynamics in Maya, but I don't have mentalray renderer and it sucks when I try rendering it. If you scroll up a little bit more you'll see Ursula with the hair I created. But I think it might actually look better if I just model it with Polygons.

becky said...

Hey, try using GI Joe lighting - I've found its quite good for creating a sorta plain - cartoon like lighting - and very easy to understand (even for me lol). What I really want to know is if you got around to animating her....or doing anything else. Love the eyelashes btw.