Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Ursula Update

So Ursula is gonna kill me... ha ha. But I'm having fun modeling her. It's been about two days of work and I've already got pretty far. I just have to model her hand, tentacles, hair, and jewelry and then she'll be all done. I'm still not sure how much time I'll have to rig her or create blend shapes for her. But I'll do my best. For now, enjoy what I've done. This is the result two days of non stop CG modeling. This is only a temporary basic texture that I added to her model using the basic Maya colors. I just did it to give this model the Ursula feel. Comments and suggestions are always welcome and appreciated. Enjoy.


becky said...

This is really brilliant....wish you had finished this - just found this right now. Btw, where did you find the front and side images of Ursula....I tried looking for them but wasn't able to find them. Thanks, oh and your cute.

Sergio R. said...

Ha ha, hey Becky thank you for the cute comment. I actually found the images online somewhere. If you send me an e-mail with your e-mail address, I can send you the front and side images. I think my E-mail address is somewhere at the top of my blog somewhere. If not there, then check out my demo reel on my blog.

becky said...

Lol, well you are, not a lotta animators out there who are cute. Its smnow * hotmail * com.

Oh and I checked out the pics of your model - can't seem to find any with polygon hair though.