Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Random drawing and coloring

This is a random drawing of a friend that is on my Facebook. I wanted to sketch something quick, and my friend had been asking me to turn him into a cartoon, so I decided to quickly grant his request. They're jut random designs, so I didn't stick to any particular model for any of the drawings. The coloring was done using Photoshop CS2. Enjoy!


Nel said...

For a quick random sketch, this is pretty damn cool. :) Love this! I really like your drawing/animation style! Hell, if you ever get bored and need another subject....I'm sure I could think of "someone" that'd love it. hehe

Sergio R. said...

haha... well thank you. You may just find yourself with a charicature of yourself one of these days on my blog. haha... ;-)

Nel said...

I'll cross my fingers. hehe