Saturday, May 10, 2008

Character Sketch of my friend Sarah - For "The Adventures of Sarah and Sergio" comic

Below is a quick character sketch that I did of my friend Sarah. Sarah and I have an ongoing comic where we battle each other out in the form of a comic. Since she currently lives in Los Angeles, and I'm in Temecula trying to get to L.A. she and I have to do our comic battles online for the world to see. If you scroll down to my links section on this blog you can catch our comic. The title is "The Adventures of Sarah and Sergio". I had to stop working on the comic for a little bit since I'm currently trying to focus my attention and energy into finding a job. But I decided last night to start working on a drawing for my new comic. This is the drawing that I will use for the comic. If you want to see how this drawing will fit into the comic, you'll have to check into the site some time this week and find out. It should hopefully be funny.
This drawing was sketched with a Col Erase pencil on animation paper, scanned into the computer, and painted on Adobe Photoshop with several layers. The drawing and painting is still not complete but you can still get a pretty nice gist of the whole picture. I hope you enjoy it. And as always, your criticism is always welcome. Enjoy.
Click on the Thumbnail Image above to expand it and see it clearly.

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Sarah Cameron said...

This is now my default photo on Myspace. I just wanted to say thank you from the bottom of my Bitch heart.