Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Karate Kip & Ninja Ned in a "Flash"

Adobe Flash CS3 to be exact. If you've been to my art blog before, you may notice this drawing a little further down into my portfolio as having been a sketch that I did a while back. I had never taken this drawing and finished it with color because for some reason I didn't think that Photoshop would really do to the image what I had imagined for it. It, in my mind, had more of a solid feel to it that I'm I know you can get with Photoshop; but my problem is that when I work with Photoshop I tend to want to get into shading and minor details that I didn't want to get with this image. I wanted to give this image a Cartoon Network, Saturday morning cartoon feel to it. Hopefully it has that feeling. Anyway, I hope you enjoy the drawing. There's no real story to these two characters. Enjoy!

1 comment:

Nel said...

I definitely think you got that CN Sat. morning cartoon feeling you were going for! :) Looks cool! As always...thanks for sharing!