Monday, August 24, 2009

Sweet Dreams and Nightmares

It has been a while since I uploaded a brand new drawing onto my portfolio. With that in mind I decided to take some time last night to do something new. This drawing is a visual representation of my Sweet Dreams vs. Nightmare film that I wanted to do at Cal Arts as my senior project. Instead, I decided to turn the story into a children’s book first. In this scene, the nightmare character is trying to demonstrate to the sweet dream character how things whither and dye. In this scene, the nightmare character is explaining to the sweet dream character that when the dream is over, the entire world will wither and die just like that flower. I don’t want to get into too much detail with this story. For now, enjoy the image. If you have any interest in learning about this story feel free to e mail me about it. Below, I have included the original pencil drawing as one image, and the final colored drawing as another image. Click on the image that you want to see to enlarge it. Enjoy!

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