Thursday, November 6, 2008

Eternal Re-Birth (Another One)

A few months ago someone who had stumbled on my blog contacted me asking me about my first "Eternal Re-Birth: Earth, Air, Fire, Water" drawing. She was interested in that drawing as a tattoo and had written to me asking me if, 1) She could use that image as a template for what she would like to have tattooed on herself, 2) If I would be willing to help her out with the design of the tattoo and add/modify things. I was very flattered that someone was even interested in that drawing and I gladly agreed to help her out. I know that it has been a very long time since my last drawing. I have been buried in my school work. For those of you who don't know, I am back at school yet again for, this time, my teaching credential. I have decided to slow down my pursuit of a career in Animation/Arts and try to become an Elementary School teacher and do freelance art and illustration on the side. It was a tough decision but I think ultimately it may be the right one. Time will tell. Anyway, here is the second version of my Eternal Re-Birth:Earth, Wind, Fire, Water drawing. I think this one looks a lot more cleaned up and I feel like it has a better flow to it. But it is not my job to critique my own art. That job is yours; So feel free to be as harsh as you want, or as kind as you want. Any feedback is greatly appreciated and welcome. Enjoy, Sincerely, Sergio Rios
P.S. since I really haven't posted anything in a really long time I suppose I can post another drawing that I did a few weeks ago but didn't feel inclined to post it on my blog. I'm not really a huge fan of this drawing that you see below. But I figure that I'll just post it now since I haven't put anything new up on my blog in about five or four months. So I'll include it with work I have done during this time of my absence. Enjoy,


Nel said...

Wow Sergio, this new version is really cool! I dug the original but I must say I love this one even more! I can totally see why someone would be interested in having it tattooed! Such a cool design. Awesome work as always, amigo!

the lil girl one is cute too, btw. hehe

Sergio R. said...

Awww... thanks. I appreciate the compliment. :-) Yeah I like this one a lot also.

Mike Caracappa said...

The top image would make a great cycle animation. It would also be nice to see it in color. Maybe the human part could be pure liquid (sorta like "The Abyss"), with the heart floating in the middle, yet the fire still manages to burst through the water.

Anyway, it looks great.