Monday, September 24, 2007

Bored in High School

Last week I started substitute teaching and it was a fantastic week. I really enjoy working with the kids. Today was my first time subbing for High School Students. It wasn't just any high school; It was the high school that I graduated from ten years ago.
I went into the job a little nervous about how the students would treat me as their substitute. After all, I was a student once also and I remember what it was like when we had a sub in class. Then I started remember back on my high school days and noticing the difference in the school now from what it was like back then.
To make a long story short. I had a great day at the high school. It was a VERY easy day since I didn't really have to do much. The teacher left the students their work written on the white board and all that I had to do was take role, then explain the work. The rest of the time there was basically baby sitting. While I was just sitting there in class doing nothing, I decided to do a few drawings/doodles. Here are the doodles that I came up with. Enjoy.