Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Progress Report

So after SIGGRAPH I got inspired to continue playing around with MAYA and I also figure that I should refresh what I know about MAYA, modeling and Rigging. So I started modeling a character from Iron Giant last night. So between a few hours of work last night and a few hours of work this morning this is what I have so far. I'm still tweaking a lot and refining it a bit. But I'm actually having so much fun character modeling. So here's what I have so far. I'll show you the finished product as soon as it's done.
I decided to try to model this Detective character, above, from "The Iron Giant"
Here is what I have so far after about 6 hours of work. I'm still finishing it up and tweaking it, and I'm kind of slow right now since I haven't actually touched MAYA in almost a year. But It all came back to me pretty fast considering. My work flow is starting to get much quicker and I'm happy so far with results. Hopefully the final model will look good. I'll keep you posted once it's finished.
September 10, 2007 (Progress update)
So I haven't really worked on my CG character for a few weeks. But I did get further along with him and I figured that I should post a progress of the model. And here he is. There is still a lot that I have to tweak and fix on him. But you can see that he's coming along. Anyway, enjoy.

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Johnny B Animation said...

I repeat it looks freaking awesome...i wanna see you do the giant...check out my page i redid the layout let me know what you think :)