Sunday, April 22, 2007

My Demo Reel

Here is my Demo Reel of the Animations I have done in 2D and 3D. A DVD reel containing the Demo Reel as well as the full length animated films will be sent upon requests. All 3D animation was done using Maya 6.0 or higher. The Demo reel was put together using Adobe After Effects and Adobe Photoshop CS 2. ">


Mike Caracappa said...

You've got some really nice animation in that bedtime shot with the boy (especially the beginning part with him sucking his thumb and then getting all nervous before going to sleep). Your Hogarth animation is fun to watch too. :)

Sergio R. said...

Thank's for the comment Mike. I appreciate it.

Kim said...

Hey Sergio!

You probably don't remember, but we talked online a long, long time ago when I was applying to art schools . . . about four years ago or so, I think. I just randomly stumbled across your blog and thought I'd say hi and thanks for all the help putting together my portfolio back in the day!

- Kim

elizabeth said...

Sergio! I found you! cooool stuff dude!